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Hand Cream Organic
Hand Cream Organic

Hand Cream Organic

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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL combined with vitamins and botanical properties 100% ECOLOGICAL. Its moisturizing and emollient agents protect hands against external aggressions and strengthen nails and soften cuticles. It gives fully hydrated hands the seasons. The skin regains its hydration state, recovering elasticity and luminosity. It has a...



  • EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ORGANIC D.O: Thanks to its emollient antioxidant, olive oil helps protect the skin against the damaging effects of free radicals, delaying skin aging. It also has moisturizing properties that keep the elastic, hydrated and smooth.
  • ALMOND OIL: Emoloentes and has great nutritional properties that help provide brightness and elasticity to the skin. Provides skin with intense hydration, even those damaged skin.
  • SHEA BUTTER: Due to its content of vitamins E, is a powerful moisturizing and nourishing agent. Its rich in unsaturated fats, is a natural cell regenerator grandres softening properties.
  • WHEAT GERM OIL: Provides deep hydration and greater firmness. It brings nutrients to the skin trace elements, minerals like selenium.
  • YEAST EXTRACT: Provides many essential nutrients to both the surface stratum corneum to the deepest layers of the skin, B complex, amino acids, minerals and trace elements.
  • CORN EXTRACT: It is a great emollient, rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  • CERA ALBA: Help create a protective barrier, gently fills wrinkles apotando thus a lifting effect.
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidamente potent vitamin hydrating our skin protecting against oxidation. In combination with vitamin C action, together multiply its antioxidant and cell regeneration.
  • VITAMIN C: A delas most important vitamins as regenerating agent and cell protector.

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